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Abu nawas funny story 1

I swear to God, your chicken lived much longer when dying than when it still lived !!

Abu Al-Harits asked Abu Nawas to have lunch with him, then the two of them departed together. Abu Nawas hoped not disappointed because he knew Abu Al-Harits known by his stingy. After Abu Nawas sat in the dining table, Abu Al-Harits also sat and then they ate their first food. After finished eating a child came to the two of them brought a big plate that contained roasted chicken. He placed this plate in front of them. Suddenly Abu Al-Harits stood imnediately just like bitten by a scorpion, and shouted tight to this child, “ what are you doing! I've told you to bring this food at the beginning, Come on lifted this food and keep away from me! “. The small child then lifted this food. Abu Nawas disappointed because he could not ate that roasted chicken.
The next day Abu Al-Harits invited him again and did not want to eat except Abu Nawas accompanied him.He wanted to entertain him after the incident thay happened yesterday. Abu Nawas was forced to accompanied him. After both of them sat in the dining table and begun to eat, suddenly he was visited again by the same small child and he also brought a big plate contained roasted chikken. Abu Al-Harits said quictly: “ you are really a stupid child! Haven't I said yesterday that this chicken must be the first food! Pick this up and go away! “ then that small child picked the roast chikken , meanwhile Abu Nawas could only saw that roast chicken slowly dissapeared.
Abu Nawas then said after his patience had finished, “ I swear to the God this chicken that still not eaten by us today and yesterday, was the chicken that live longer when dying than when still lived! “.

Source : Humor Abu Nawas
Writer : DR. Syauqi Syafiq

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