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Semar story teller 3

The occurance of Semar
Semar story teller 3 About how and what the shape of Semar let's we “flash back” to thousands year before, that had happened a quite extraordinary nature phenomenon. Whoever trusted to the existence of the Invisible matter as the implied knowledge they could learned this incident. Thousands years before “he” was casted ashore in a very wide desert without any limit and the temperature was very high without having a sheet of leaf that could be a patron. Everything had disappeared and swallowed by the ferocity of nature.
The sun increasingly glowed as though being ready to pounce on for anyone who challenged it. The wind blowed contained with dust. Then the green light with a small shape like a marble descended on the sandy rock. In the clarity heard the voice came from this green light …. “ What do I have to do exactly “, but nature said nothing. “ is there any other power that could compete with the power of nature… Hi mountain that stood over there show me your power…Hi wind show me your power “. However this question never been answered !.
At the same time a camel came from the west to approach this light suddenly the camel kicked it with an extraordinary strength, the marble size of light was thrown in the same time with the arrival of the wind then the light flew proceeded and fell hit the camel back and changed the shape became humankind. And he said “ Anta Al kum Fadilah Umayah amirullah” the meaning is “I am Fadillah Umayah Amirullah”. Afterwards Fadillah climbed onto the camel and said with the soft voice “ ajila antum”.. ”who are you” repeatedly he said that.
Naturally nature looked quiet, the hot temperature changed as though he knew something had happened. The wind blowed softly without contained any sand , a fragrant of the musk flower scent increased the beauty at that time. When the quiet atmosphere happened for a long time suddenly heard a soft and serene voice penetrated the soul…”Ana Al haq Prominent Umaya, akia antum najaluhu faroda Ana hakum “…”I had the right from all the rights, all that were carried out by you had became my bussiness, I was willing to give the guidance based on the available law of guidance”.
tobe continued.....

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