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Semar story teller 2

The origin of Semar puppet
Nature moved on from the east horizon that radiated a red orange light covered universe as though being sprinkled by the flower fragrant around the Javanese land to rise and compile the identity with their respective culture. Until this time the javanise past culture still live on the heart of the Javanese people. The time needle moved on by the hard of the life began to be inhaled by the inhabitants that was in the Javanese land who are seems still staying loyal to wait the Semar arrival as the God of the patron.
The book of Babat Tanah Java gave the inspiration as the truth grip. The Majapahit Kingdom as the spear tip that was wrapped with a red silk as the symbol to occupy the throne of the Kingdom that filled with bloodshed and the spirit's sacrifice and because of the greed then many casualties fell. 700 years before century the inhabitants of the Javanese land’s life still very primitive and what was done was not free from mistique ritual that continued to be planted on their heart. Easy to say and difficult to forget because of the closeness of nature unification that burnt their life. In this part, Wali Songo ( 9 leaders of Islam’s spreding ) tied their belt to descend straighten out the conviction. Sunan Gresik, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Muria, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Giri, Sunan Drajat, Sunan Gunung Jati and Sunan Kali Jaga were very famous at their time and until now on.
Demak village was the place that used by Wali Songo to held conference , what and how to propagate the Islam religion in the Javanese land, criticism and opinion were accommodated and analysed. And Wali Songo had agreed to make Sunan kali Jaga as a leader for the spreading of Islam religion in the Javanese land. At the beginning of his spreading Sunan Kali Jaga spreaded his sermon from village to village, but it was considered only as inventions by the inhabitants. However he was never gave up although the wind blowed and rain wetted his body, Sunan kept stayed strong and patient.
Until on the Friday after he finished the Friday prayer, he analized again how the mission that was carried out to be able to absorb in the villagers. Sunan stood rebuffed the rays of the sun and he saw his body shadow then he moved his two hands, from the shadow then he got the inspiration to use the implement / the object to send his preaching because the Javanese inhabitants liked this. The implement / the object that was used was had the shape of humankind anmun that was made from skin that was acknowledged as ‘ ayang-ayang’ at this time was known as the human puppet ( wayang ).
One time Wali Songo gathered to discuss the Islam spreading method that was more effective until issuing the instruction letter on that was contained many meanings. Till at this time many people still pursued this letter. Sunan Kali Jaga received this letter but he continued to apply the idea that was received secretly. He took the sheet of cattle skin that already dried then he spreaded it from each corners of his hands. Then he tightened a wood that had been burnt and smoothly played his two hands with moved them from left to right and etc. The shape of the puppet, that was having the shape of humankind with high 50 cm wide 25 cm with the hands led above giving the inspiration that was appropriated to be worshipped was in above.
Then Sunan got inspiration to use the picture that was calibrated on the sheet of the cattle skin that formed with the motive of face picture. Afterwards he thought to give name to the puppet that could described the slogan “sesembahan manungso ono ning aras” or “ that was appropriated to be whorshipped was in above”. By using the puppet as the tool for his preaching he made again another 29 puppets that had different characters and their name was taken from the Arabian letter “alif or ia”.
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